At The Little Green Box we believe that, like fingerprints, every skin is unique. We pride ourselves in creating a
tailor-made skincare routine using the best organic and eco-friendly skincare products available.

We believe in sustainable skincare for the future.

We believe that taking care of your skin means understanding what you put onto it.

We believe that through education, proper skincare, and avoiding the sun, clients can slow down the aging process and the need for cosmetic surgery.

We believe in a balanced approach to skincare and using products and ingredients that the skin recognises and
responds to.

Treatments and Products on offer include:

•  Esse Organic Skincare (certified organic by ECOCERT)
•  Bt-micro and Bt-analyze
•  Kalahari Ancient Desert Secrets
•  Hello Nature Organic wax (certified organic by ECOCERT)
•  Manual Lymphatic Drainage
•  Threading
•  SpaRitual Vegan Nail Laquers
Gift Cards available.
They make the ideal gift for all ages. Please contact us for more details.

We are recognised by Eco Atlas as an ethical and environmentally conscious company.