Welcome to The Little Green Box

We are an eco-friendly skincare clinic passionate about ethical and sustainable skincare.


Our bespoke eco-friendly treatments allow us to find a sustainable and long-term solution for your skin.  Let us help guide you on your unique skincare and self-care journey.

self-care: the practice of taking an active role in protecting your wellbeing and happiness.

eco-friendly treatments: treatments using certified organic or natural ingredients with the aim to finding sustainable eco-friendly solutions for your skin.


Our eco-friendly treatments include:


Esse Probiotic Skincare (Certified Organic by EcoCert) 

Esse offers cutting edge facial products and eco-friendly treatments using organic biotechnology to re-wild the skin, helping to keep skin younger and healthier.

  • Esse Prescript 

Prescript is a personalised skincare solution, exclusively created for you, with optimised levels of active ingredients to address your unique skin concerns.

Prescript is designed to meet your individual skin requirements.  Contact us for a consultation and enjoy a wide range of options when customising your skincare products. Check out our Prescript page for more info.

 Bio-therapeutic bt-Nano Cocktail Lift

Bio-therapeutic bt-Nano lift is the ultimate micro-current mini-lift system designed to help re-educate facial muscles.

• Naked Cherry Apothecary Waxing

Naked Cherry is a quirky and fun proudly South African wax company.  All their wax products are free of artificial colourants and fragrances. They are also Vegan friendly.

• Eco Pedicures and Manicures and Threading

Eco-friendly skincare Esse, Bio, Naked Cherry


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