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Recently I went to my fave little eco salon, The Little Green Box,
which, if you’re concerned about chemicals on your skin at any beauty therapist – you don’t need to worry here! I was treated to the NEW Esse Age Defying Facial. Yes. Please. Peta is an Esse expert and beams organic, wholesome, holistic and non-judgemental light as soon as you walk into her space.

Question and Answer interview with Beauty Bulletin

1. What are the most essential components of your daily beauty regime?
I can’t live without my Konjac facial sponge and ESSE gel cleanser (R180/100ml). I use them twice a day to cleanse and remove impurities like makeup, sun block and pollution.

One of the biggest concerns I had when I first went vegan was about the products I use on my face, body and hair. It sounds ridiculous, but in this day and age, most major cosmetic and skincare companies are still using animal ingredients in their products, and then testing said products on animals. For obvious reasons, these are not considered vegan.

I have Peta to thank for the wealth of information I have on Esse Skincare,
and the encouragement of my now-regular (previously never-so-regular) skincare routine. I’ve LOVED using Esse on my face and have genuinely noticed an incredible difference. Peta is a whats app away from any questions/concerns I might have, which I love.

Christmas came early for me this year.
I never knew that right around the corner from where I live (about 5km’s – no jokes) there is a beauty and skincare therapist called Peta who, after being involved in the industry for over 10 years, started asking questions about how she could move towards a more eco-friendly way of treating her clients.