Peta, user of ethical skincare

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What is ethical skincare?

Ethical skincare brands make the use of organic, natural and vegan-friendly ingredients.  These ingredients are sourced in a sustainable, responsible and eco-friendly way.

This type of skincare is more than just using a clean skincare product.  It is invloves an open and honest coversation between the brand and the client and bringing an awareness to concious consumerism.

My journey towards eco-friendly ethical skincare started while I was pregnant with my eldest daughter. I realised that I did not want to be exposed to a lot of the chemicals found in traditional skincare products.

For me, a big part of being eco-friendly is supporting amazing proudly South African brands like Esse Probiotic Skincare and Naked Cherry Apothecary. I love knowing that the products I use on my clients are clean, green, results driven products backed by science.

I believe that taking care of your skin means understanding what you put onto it.

And that through education and proper skincare, clients can slow down the aging process and the need for cosmetic surgery.

I have a balanced approach to skincare and use products with ingredients that the skin recognises and responds to naturally and harmoniously.

“No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart” – Unknown