Why I Love Organic Skincare


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I haven’t always used organic skincare.  When I started in the industry 20 years ago, organic skincare was only in its infancy.  We didn’t learn anything about it while studying, and it wasn’t commonly used in salons either.

I was only introduced to the world of organic skincare about 10 years ago and it has been an eye-opening experience and a journey of learning and discovery ever since.  It always amazes me how passionate my clients are about their skincare journey once making the switch over to an organic brand.

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I love that organic skincare offers sustainable skincare solutions with a long-term view of skin health. It’s not just about how your skin looks now!  It’s all about your skin looking healthy and amazing as we age as well.

Organic skincare can be just as results-driven and effective as any traditional skincare product. But with the added benefit of not containing ingredients like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and mineral oils. Organic skincare uses plant-based ingredients (generally wild-harvested) that are grown without synthetic pesticides or herbicides.

Do you know what wild harvested is? Wild harvesting is the practice of sourcing botanical ingredients sustainably and ethically from their natural habitats. These plants are more resilient and potent as they have been exposed to the natural environment.

Organic ingredients are also often fair trade. This means that the wild-harvested ingredients are collected by fairly compensated communities. This practice helps those communities create a more sustainable future for their families.

By choosing cruelty-free skincare products you are also showing your support for ending the practice of testing on animals.

Organic skincare products are eco-friendly. The farming practices used to produce organic ingredients are far more sustainable and climate-friendly than traditional farming practices.  Organic farming practices protect soil health and promote biodiversity.

For me, another important part of being an eco-friendly skincare clinic is supporting proudly local skincare brands.  We have phenomenal forward-thinking, science-based organic skincare brands in South Africa who are doing amazing things in revolutionizing organic skincare as well as supporting the communities in which they are based.

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