Why Is Eco-Friendly Skincare Better For You?


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Eco-friendly skincare refers to skincare products that are made from sustainably sourced ingredients which do not harm our skin or the environment. The perfect combination of ingredients provides all the nutrients and minerals that our skin needs to revitalize itself. These products are enriched with antioxidants, probiotics, fatty acids, and vitamins that hydtate and strengthen the skin, without causing any irritation.

client having a facial

Eco-friendly brands use plant-based ingredients scientifically proven to have effective and beneficial properties for the skin.

These brands encourage a minimalist approach.  For instance, a face mask can double as an exfoliator.  An oil can be applied alone, layered under a moisturizer, or combined with other products.

Depending on your skin type, all you may need are a few effective and well-considered products.

By choosing eco-friendly skincare products, we can become more conscious consumers. This means being mindful of the ingredients in the products we use.  Where they are sourced from, and how they affect our skin’s microbiome.

I believe it is always important to love the products you buy and use.  Love how they are made, and invest in their story.

Leave us a message and tell us about your favorite eco-friendly brands.  Or contact us to experience the Esse Live Probiotic Facial which reseeds the skin with 5 billion live probiotics.

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